Does a Diet High in Protein Burn Belly Fat Fast?

If you need to lose weight, you may be tempted to think that you will need to give up on some of your nutrition, too. For a lot of people, one aspect of their diet that gets severely limited through dieting is that of protein intake.

A recent study, however, by the Dairy Farmers’ Association of Canada, shows that protein may not be harmful through attempts to cut belly fat – in fact, it may actually be helpful.

It’s no secret that exercise is important for losing weight and burning fat. However, this recent study shows that exercise is even more effective at burning off fat whenever there is a strong intake of protein.

Some people, when strictly dieting (and limiting their protein intake) will actually lose some weight due to muscle loss, which is definitely counter-productive in the long run. According to the study, however, those who were eating a diet rich in protein while exercise lost weight solely from fat – and they gained muscle, too.

Gaining muscle can be important for several reasons. For one, it will give your body a firmer appearance. Secondly, muscles will help you burn even more calories at rest, boosting your overall metabolism. Also, being fit makes it easier to live an active lifestyle conducive to burning fat.

When it comes to your dieting habits, this study brings about information that should change the way you plan your meals. While you still want to limit your fat content, there is no reason to totally avoid cheese, milk, or eggs. These protein-rich foods are extremely healthy and are rich in other nutrients too, not just protein.

While it is likely that you will not lose any extra weight on a protein-rich diet compared to a protein-starved diet, you will be at a much higher level of overall health – and your weight loss won’t be coming from losing muscle, it will be from burning off fat, which will lower your weight and improve your figure all at once.

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