Zantrex 3 Review

What is Zantrex 3?

zantrex-3-review-img1Zantrex 3 is an American diet supplement which promises to boost the metabolism, increase stamina and help you lose 546% more weight than the leading diet pill.

Although this certainly sounds impressive at first glance, rather worryingly the official Zantrex 3 website has very little information on how this product actually works, its ingredients or any potential side effects.

In fact Zoller Laboratories (the company behind the supplement) appears to rely solely on celebrity endorsement to sell Zantrex 3, with celebrities such as Nicole Polizzi (Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore) and Britney Spears said to have used it.

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Is Zantrex 3 effective?

Like many over-the-counter fat burners, Zantrex 3 contains a number of stimulants in an attempt to artificially stimulate the metabolism.

All though the product is ephedra free, the somewhat controversial combination of caffeine, kola nut extract, green tea and guarana are all used in the formulation; which have been known to cause a number of adverse reactions in some users.

Zantrex also contains xanthine – traditionally used for treating symptoms of asthma and known to have very little other therapeutic effect on the body. Why this is included in the formula is hard to fathom and is also not explained on the official website.

Zantrex 3 Side Effects

Due to the lack of any real ingredient information and quantities of each compound used, it is hard to determine what effect Zantrex may have, either positive or negative. However, typical side effects from high caffeine intake are -

Jitters and anxiety
Elevated heart rate

Where to buy Zantrex 3?

Zantrex 3 is sold via a number of online stores and via the manufacturers website. The supplement can not be purchased from within the UK or EU at present.

Zantrex 3 Conclusionzantrex-3-review-img2

Zantrex 3 is unlikely to be the miracle weight loss product the manufacturer claims this to be.

The lack of any ingredient information, how it works, guarantee or company details on the official website does little to reassure the buyer that this is an effective and safe supplement.

In our opinion there are far better choices available which have clinical proof and offer a money back gurantee if you do not get the results you expected.

Zantrex fat burner alternatives

One of the best fat burners to be released in the USA in recent years is Phen375 – a 100% legal and safe replacement for the appetite suppressant and fat burner – Phentermine.

Phen375 helps lower cravings and hunger, while increasing beneficial hormones responsible for burning fat and releasing energy.

Produced in FDA registered labs and  sold with a no quibble 45 day money back guarantee, Phen375 is one of the best rated fat burners of the moment.

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